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  1. I think there should’ve been a minimum of 5k population for this quiz instead of All. Not only would it mitigate the Alaska chore (though I’m all for its inclusion) but also some squares cover such tiny pieces of land that we’re left with unguessable podunks.

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  2. darin, these are great. However, I have a bit of an issue including Alaska and Hawaii on these. In my view, limiting this to the contiguous 48 would be much better. There are so many tiny, unknown towns in Alaska (and Hawaii, to a lesser extent), I think US grid-square quizzes should just focus on the lower 48. Just my opinion, though – I’m not the one putting in the hard work to create these. Thanks!

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    1. Alaska was always a pain on both grid and coverage quizzes. You just gotta memorise 10/15 places there and use them whenever needed. Hawaii is doable though. I see your point but excluding any of them would make the quiz look incomplete.

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      1. Alaska needs to be covered simply because of the population of Anchorage, and the same goes for Hawaii with Honolulu.

        This is the same argument I’ve tried using for Puerto Rico’s inclusion, since San Juan is one of the 50 largest cities in the US!

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              1. When I made the comment, you could’ve said that… But now it’s for bigger reasons.

                Two words: Hurricane Maria.

                Speaking of which, how about some quizzes involving weather, Darin?

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