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US Closest Cities To Your Location – Choose Number

Enter number of cities to begin ('50', '100', '250', '5h' or '1k').

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    1. Charter Townships. Two states have them — Us (Michigan) and New Jersey.

      Hint: There’s a city near Detroit with a population around 99K (as of 2013… If the data was current the population would be around 101K, giving Michigan 7 cities above 100K again!). That city is a Charter Township… and it borders my hometown, so forgetting it is kinda insulting to me.

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      1. correct…I thought of doing it based on some sort of lat long ranges but there are other quizzes where you can choose any city and name the closest. obviously everyone will have a unique location so going based on same set of cities would have a ton of different scoreboards.

  1. Ok, this is a clever twist to the usual US cities quizzes but European players are stuck with small Maine cities at least up to the 250 level… the 500 isn’t working BTW. I think the quiz would work better if cities had a minimum of 10k so that other states could come into play.

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    1. ‘5h’ for 500 worked fine for me just now…yeah there will be Europe and World versions of this shortly – you can play it from outside the US but obviously it won’t be as fun…i’ll be doing other variations on this too with population limits.

      1. Ah,”5h”… so used to the 500 that I’ve missed that. Yes, this is more aimed at the US located players… even at 500 I get all of Maine and only a tiny bit of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Being at one of the Westernmost locations in Europe I don’t think players from other European places will get significantly different results than me. Very good idea though.

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            1. Don’t forget Mexicans and those in the Caribbean, although anyone in the Bahamas gets the Miami area stuffed down their throats…

              Even Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand get better coverage than those in Europe!

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              1. It’s the reverse of the World version if you’re in the US. American players on it only get cities in the Americas (unless they’re in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Maine…)

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