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US All Combined Statistical Areas


Name all US Combined Statistical Areas in the 50 states. They are typically named after the largest city but occasionally with a 2nd or 3rd largest city, which are also accepted answers. The OMB defines a Core Based Statistical Area as a grouping of adjacent metropolitan and/or micropolitan statistical areas (MSAs).

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    1. Well, I think it’s basically because Phoenix isn’t a CSA. As to why, I think it all bows down to the criteria used by the guys who think this stuff up. San Antonio and Austin for instance aren’t there either.

      1. Yeah. Five major metropolitan areas aren’t considered CSAs: San Antonio, Austin, Anchorage, Honolulu and Phoenix.

        I see two cities of over 1,000,000 people, three state capitals and three largest cities in their states in those five.

        And that doesn’t take Laredo, Billings and Sioux Falls into account!

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