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US Expanding Circle Population Challenge – Your Location


First enter a level by typing ‘5M’, ‘2.5M’, ‘1M’, or ‘500K’ – you begin with that population figure (shown by ‘Population Remaining’…the bigger the number the easier the quiz). The quiz will center in on your location – you must have your browser’s location feature on. A pink marker will be placed at this location.

The object of this quiz is to accumulate ‘Population Gotten’ by typing in US cities (see naming note below) moving outward from your marker without skipping cities. Any city skipped will count against your Population Remaining. Any city guessed correctly counts toward your Population Gotten. Population Gotten is your score for this quiz, this is the number you want to have as high as possible – it is the sum of the population of all your guesses.

Naming Note: You must add a ‘.’ at the end of each city name for it to take – this is to prevent typing in another city name which is the first few letters of the city you wanted to type. There are a good number of these so to make it easiest I am simply requiring a ‘.’ after each name you enter.

There are no time bonuses on this quiz.

A circle will be drawn going out to your last guess and showing that guess as a green marker and any missed cities that were closer as a red marker. All members can mouseover the green markers to see what their name, population and rank in terms of closeness to your location (i.e. #10 is 10th closest city). hugequiz Premium members can hover over the red markers as well to see the missed cities and their info.

Enter level to begin ('5M', '2.5M', '1M', or '500K')...
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11 months ago

it says “score saved” everytime i join and couldnt start the quiz. bug?

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