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US Expanding Circles Challenge – Your Location


First choose a level by typing ‘5.’, ’10’, ’25’ or ’50’ (need to add the ‘.’ with 5 so you can type 50 without choosing ‘5’) – then name the largest city in the circle/ring of that distance range as the rings expand outward from your location. You need to have your browser’s location function working or the quiz will not load.

You MUST have a city within the initial distance you choose for your level – so this quiz will not work if you are not within the US (or at least not within your level’s distance of a US city).

When you run out of time or end the quiz, you will see the current ring’s correct answer at right (under ‘Answer Stats’ by your coordinates).

For example, if you choose ’10’ – you will be shown a circle of radius 10 miles centered at your location. Naming the largest city in this circle will cause another ‘ring’ of radius 10 to appear outside that circle. You now need to name the largest city in that ring (but not within any previous circles/rings). If a city is not within the next ring of that distance, the ring will keep expanding by that distance until a city falls within it. So if a city doesn’t fall within 20-30 miles (assuming your level is 10 miles), it will expand to be a 20-40 mile ring, then 20-50 mile and so on until a city is found within the ring.

Enter level - '5.', '10', '25' or '50' to begin...
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5 months ago

My location is in Birmingham, Alabama. The answer for the current ring is San Jose, Ca but it’s not accepting the answer.

Edit: Nevermind, the answer was Modesto, and then San Jose.

Last edited 5 months ago by sspearman
10 months ago

I like this quiz a lot. I think a couple more time bonuses would be good, especially for the more difficult levels. It takes some time to zoom in and out and scroll around the circles when they get out a few hundred miles and are only 10 miles thick.

10 months ago

Not sure what’s happening with this one. When the map opens, it zooms in around Kansas. I allow it to use my location and it zooms in on England, and then when I choose a number for the starting point it drops a circle south of Ghana in the Gulf of Guinea.

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