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US Google Street View Challenge – Choose State


First choose a state by typing its abbreviation (i.e. ‘NY’) – You will then be given a Google Street View window randomly placed near the center of one of that state’s 50 largest cities (or fewer if the state has less than 50 cities) in which you can move around in. Name the city where you are located within three minutes. The faster you answer, the more points you get. Max points is 100 for guessing in 10 seconds or less.

Enter state abbreviation to begin (i.e. 'NY')...
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2 months ago

This was a way fun quiz, but I was having problems in Firefox. I got one right and then the picture never updated again so I was only able to get 11 in. I was actually just thinking I wished a quiz like this existing then I came here and it did and it was better than I was imagining!

2 months ago
Reply to  darin

I have played a little more and now I understand how it works. You get 5 cities to guess and at the end of the 5, the game is over. The first time I played I got 11 cities (11/5) and it would keep switching cities but my score would not go up when I guessed them. That’s what threw me off. Another time, the timer kept going after the five cities and I knew what city it was but it didn’t accept my guess. I haven’t had this happen since that first day that I played so I think it’s fine. Thanks so much for this site!

7 months ago

i got a location 2 blocks form where i used to live and i still didnt get it. ive also gotten havre almost every time and i never get it even though im very familiar with it

11 months ago

Woo, number 1 in Oregon as of right now, this is fun

2 years ago

game really glitching out whenever I type “mi” changes the location, timer breaks, and game overall stops functioning

3 years ago

It’s a lot of fun wandering these streets. As a fan of craft beer, I love when I stumble upon a small town brewery I’ve never heard of.

3 years ago

Darin, this quiz is fun as hell. I would love a version where there were more cities/turns so that I could keep playing for a longer period of time, maybe a regional version i.e. Cities of 25K+ in WA/OR/ID or something along those lines. Otherwise, damn man I love this.

3 years ago

*golf clap* First city I get for my home State?

My hometown! Thanks, Darin! That’s 25 Cool Person Points to you!

3 years ago
Reply to  Ovamiat

Amazing I got my hometown too, first city! About 5 minutes from the house I grew up in. Fun stuff.

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