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US Interstate Highway Cities – Choose Interstate


First type in a US interstate highway (i.e. I-80) and choose it from the drop-down box. Then, name all cities along that highway based on the following rules: 100K+ city – centroid of city within 10 miles, 10K-100K within 5 miles, 5-10K within 2.5 miles, and under 5K within 1 mile. Cities are sorted from West to East by longitude on east-west (even-numbered) interstates, and North to South by latitude on odd-numbered interstates. So yes, there may be an occasional city whose city limits do contain an interstate but it’s not listed, and occasionally an interstate may not go thru the city limits but that city is included for that interstate. I can only go by city centroid coordinates nearest distance to that interstate. City population and latitude (for N-S interstates) or longitude (for E-W) shown.

Also note, interstates with loops around cities (i.e. 280 in the Bay Area) are included as part of their main highway (so I-280 is part of I-80).

Enter interstate to choose from drop-down box (i.e. 'I-90')...
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