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US Largest 2+ Words Cities


First choose the number of cities by typing ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘500’, ‘1k’, ‘2.5k’, or ‘all’ – then try to achieve the highest population among the top US cities of 2+ words you chose.¬†For purposes of this quiz, words are anything separated by a space – therefore ‘Winston-Salem’ and such are not included. If a city name is used much more commonly than the official name, that is what I chose for naming on this quiz.

Enter # of cities (100, 250, 500, 1k, 2.5k, or 'all')
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8 years ago

I know that cities with hyphens and no spaces (such as Winston-Salem, Wilkes-Barre, etc.) are not included, but what about cities with hyphens AND spaces (such as Parsippany-Troy Hills, Anaconda-Deer Lodge and Butte-Silver Bow)?

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