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US Largest Cities Blitz


First choose a number of cities to begin – ‘100’, ‘250’ or ‘500’. You begin with 30 seconds for 100, 1 minute for 250, and 3 minutes for 500. Name as many of the largest US cities you can (based on how many you chose), gaining 1 second on the clock for each city you name. Object is to name as many cities as you can before time runs out. There are no time bonuses except the 1 second per city.

Enter number of cities to begin - '100', '250' or '500'.
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11 months ago

I was looking for a quizz like this so I can learn US cities but the time limit is ridiculous

4 years ago

Do the blitz quizzes that add up the cumulative population still exist? Those were my favorite as I could compete with myself.

5 years ago

These types of games are not for me. I can’t type that fast. It really has nothing to do with knowledge – just how fast you can type.

5 years ago

Can we make this a little easier, such as adding a 1, 3 or 5 second bonus, depending on level, for completing a state, please?

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