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US 100 Largest Cities By Decade 1790-2020


Name the 100 (or less for earlier censuses) largest cities (in some cases, towns, villages, etc) in the US for each census since 1790. Keep in mind some places no longer exist or have been merged into existing places. Earlier censuses referred to large cities as ‘urban areas’ and even though there were more than 100 places, less than 100 were classified as urban areas and therefore counted among the largest places.

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2 years ago

Holy crap. The city at #99 in 1950 jumped SEVENTY (70!!!) spots in 1960.

I wonder if any city has come even close to that 70 position jump between 1950 and 1960…

2 years ago
Reply to  Ovamiat

Oh wow, that really is something. I had no idea that 1950 #99 was such a small city only 70 years ago…
Interesting find, Ovamiat!

1 year ago
Reply to  quidditch

According to Wikipedia, in 1958 the city “doubled in size” due to annexation, not sure whether the doubling refers to population or land area or both. There was certainly plenty of actual population growth, but some of it is just changing boundaries.

10 months ago
Reply to  sosax010

It got bigger because of advances in AC during the 1950s

2 years ago

Hey Darin, Sherburne, MA is actually the same town as Nantucket (they changed the name in 1795) so you might consider letting “Nantucket” count, unless you think people should know about the town’s archaic name to get the point.

2 years ago
Reply to  darin

Great, seems to be working!

2 years ago

Ah, I was very confused what happened to sherborn Mass was included when its still less than 5k now, but that makes much more sense

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