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US Largest Cities On State Borders


Name the cities of 5K+ population on state borders (border of one state with another, not international borders). I counted a city as a border city if it was within the following distance of a border for each city size range: 5-25K: 2.5 miles, 25-100K: 5 miles, 100-500K: 10 miles, 500K+: 15 miles.

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      1. Can I just say that I don’t like those criteria? I think this quiz should be based solely on whether or not the city’s boundaries touch a state’s border. Using the current criteria, you include cities such as Springfield, Lowell, and Lawrence (all Massachusetts), when none of them actually border any other state. In all three cases, there are towns situated between those cities and the state border (Longmeadow, Dracut, and Methuen, respectively). In addition, your criteria are subjective – who decides where the center of the city is to measure its distance to a state border? Using the actual city limits, however, is not subjective at all – the location of a city’s border, and whether or not it touches a state border, is a matter of fact, not opinion.

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