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    1. Downtown development is booming, and townhouses along the east riverfront can’t be built fast enough. You can still buy a house in the outer neighborhoods for pennies, but a 2 bedroom within walking distance to Comerica Park will run you half a million.

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  1. Yes, you’re right… guess we’re still getting used to some minor changes on the quizzes. Truth to be told I’ve noticed that omission on a chose by letter quiz. On those I think there’s no way to tell. Well anyway, thanks for the quick updates on the Largest Cities quizzes.

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  2. There’s a very popular piece of software that hide ads, though I’m not sure the quizmaster would be very happy about people using it. I don’t like the ads either (who does?)… the other solution would be for Darin to charge a small monthly fee which would probably draw many people away. Or a mixed solution as I’ve seen in other sites: those who wish can pay a small fee and have the site ad-free.

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