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US Largest Cities

Enter # of cities (100, 250, 500, 1k, 2.5k, 5k, or '10k')

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  1. Just completed this on the 250 level. Game records me as having 250 cities, and and the game closed (without me typing “alldone”) – but in scores I see only 99.84% of total population – and coming down the “Top Stats” – I have 210 of the top cities – I have 43/44 states – 161/162 of the green cities from 100-250K – and 249/250 of the “Top Cities”. I think there is a small discrepancy between your “answer” list, and your “scoring” list.

  2. This is starting to tick me off… At the 2500 level, there is one yellow dot in northern Lower Michigan, around the area of Pellston, Petoskey and Traverse City, but it isn’t any of those three.

    This is ticking me off because I am a native Michigander.

    1. Downtown development is booming, and townhouses along the east riverfront can’t be built fast enough. You can still buy a house in the outer neighborhoods for pennies, but a 2 bedroom within walking distance to Comerica Park will run you half a million.

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