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US Counties Placement Challenge – Choose State


First enter any state abbreviation. The map will then zoom in on that state and that state’s counties will be displayed as green polygons you can drag. When you start dragging on a county it’s name will appear to the right of the map. Move the counties to their correct locations in the state. You can ‘lock’ a county in place by double-clicking it. You will receive a score for each county based on how closely you placed the county to the exact location. Finish all counties or click End Quiz to finish.

Occasionally a county which may have multiple non-adjacent areas will only have the largest area appear as a polygon to place.

hugequiz Premium users will see the correct outlines of the counties when the quiz is ended.

Enter state abbreviation (i.e. 'CA') to begin.
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4 months ago

I can only finish one state and then it wont let me do anymore for some reason

5 months ago

I’ve tried Ohio 3 times and each time, about halfway through, the green counties have become unable to drag, rendering me unable to finish the quiz. Not sure if this is a fixable issue or just my computer being weird

5 months ago
Reply to  will82

You can move all the counties freely if you wait to lock them once they’re all in place. I just completed Georgia and its 159 counties this way.

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