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US State Largest Cities – Choose State & Number


Begin by choosing your state and number of cities by typing the state abbreviation followed by ’25.’, ’50’, ‘100’ or ‘250’ (you must use the ‘.’ after the ’25’ to allow typing ‘250’) – i.e. to choose the top 50 cities in New York, type ‘NY50’ – then, name the largest cities in the state you chose up to the number you chose trying to achieve the largest population. You won’t be able to choose a number of cities that the state doesn’t name – i.e. AZ only has 91, so ‘AZ25.’, ‘AZ50’ and ‘AZ100’ are the only options (the 100 option will simply be all 91). ‘AZ250’ is not possible as AZ100 chooses them all.

Enter state and number of cities to begin (i.e. 'PA100').
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