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US States Placement Challenge


The object of this quiz is to drag the US states into their correct positions on the map. More northern states will appear at the beginning lined across the top, southern states along the bottom. When you drag on a state you will see that state’s name on the right of the map. Double-click the state to ‘lock’ it in place and you will obtain a score up to 100 based on how close the center of the state is to the actual center coordinates.

A few states with multiple separate land areas such as Hawaii and Michigan will only have their largest portion show up as an outline.

You can end the quiz at any time or double-click on all 50 states to place them to end the quiz as well. Only the largest portion of each state will be shown (if a state has disjointed areas).

hugequiz Premium users will see the correct outlines of the states when the quiz is ended.

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