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World 50 Busiest Airports


Name the 50 busiest airports in the World based on total passengers. Knowing the exact airport names is important, just naming a city will not necessarily fill in that city’s airport(s).

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Crispin Shakespeare
2 months ago

Might help to specify that this is 2022 data. Took me a while to figure out why there were not Chinese airports on the list.

2 months ago

Darin, thanks for updating the airport quizzes; they’re some of my favorites. I would strongly, strongly urge you (if possible) to simply allow typing in airport codes for these answers. Requiring the name is, in my opinion, unnecessarily cumbersome, and the names and nomenclature often change (whereas the airport codes do not).

For example, typing in “Barjas” in this quiz is not acceptable, nor is “Madrid” or “Madrid Barajas.” You have to have the hyphen in there. In addition, the standard colloquial approach to airport references is inconsistent. Few people refer to ATL as “Hartsfield Jackson,” and even fewer refer to LAS as “Harry Reid.”

At the same time, airport codes themselves can pose a good challenge. I don’t think allowing airport codes as correct answers makes these quizzes too ‘easy’ – it’s just a way of accepting answers that are standard and consistent across the aviation industry.

At the end of the day, this is your site, and these are your quizzes, and I’ll keep playing regardless. I just think this is an upgrade that would be helpful. Thanks for listening and for the work you’re putting in.

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