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World 50 Closest Cities With Same First Letter – Choose Any City


Begin by typing in any 50K+ World city/town/etc which doesn’t start with ‘X’ in the format City, Country – i.e. ‘Moscow, Russia’ Use ‘Bosnia’ for Bosnia & Herz, ‘Czech’ for Czech Republic, ‘CAR’ for Central Afr Republic, ‘DRC’ for Dem Rep of the Congo, ‘UK’ for United Kingdom, ‘UAE’ for United Arab Emirates, and ‘US’ for United States. There are a handful of cities with the same name in the same country. For those in the US, add the state in the format ‘City, State, US’ – i.e. ‘Aurora, CO, US’ – for other countries, add a number corresponding to the population rank for that city among similar-named cities in that country, i.e. for the largest Fuzhou, China, type ‘Fuzhou, China1’. That city will appear as a pink marker and the 50 closest cities (not including the one you chose) that begin with the same letter as your city (using most common English spelling) will also appear. ‘Closest Cities’ on bottom left shows the top number of closest cities in a row you have completed (i.e. a ‘3’ if you have the 3 closest but not the 4th). Object is highest population among 50 closest, not total places.

Enter city to begin (i.e. 'Tokyo, Japan').
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