World 500 Km Coverage Challenge

Enter a city to begin.


    1. This still happens. Definitely hadn’t jumped to the other continent this time.
      Also, in the instructions it says “SEE NAMING NOTES below quiz.” but there are no notes on this page.
      And how does one enter Jacksonville FL (or any other city where there are 2 or more with the same name in the same country)?

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  1. How can San Pedro (Ivory Coast) be entered? I’ve tried several combinations but none worked. Also, is there any way to know the maxiumum score for this quiz? 8640 is a theoretical number, but some places like Australia, New Zealand, Honolulu, Anchorage, Reykjavik, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Fiji etc are not reachable… unless you start there but it’s kind of dumb. 🙂

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    1. hmmm i just tried a couple times doing some NA/SA cities then entering Dublin and it worked fine – did you perhaps enter a non NA/SA city before Dublin by accident and didn’t see it on the map?

      1. The only thing I noticed is that Dublin, CA is not featured (or can’t be entered) and I couldn’t find a way to enter Athens, GA… as per your instrucions it should be Athensus. No big deal, they’re far from essencial and given the scope of this quiz it must be a pain to get all names right.

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        1. athens is fixed now – Dublin, CA had a 2010 census pop under 50K. i’ll be updating the world cities database with 2013 US estimates soon (when Dublin went over 50K).

  2. I was trying to type in Fredericton, New brusnwick to continue my north america string, and accidentally typed Frederick, starting a circle in Mauritius. Obviously I messed up, but if there is some way to add a feature allowing you to undo a turn only if its your first circle, could you implement that?

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