World 500 Km Coverage Challenge

Enter a city to begin.

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  1. How can San Pedro (Ivory Coast) be entered? I’ve tried several combinations but none worked. Also, is there any way to know the maxiumum score for this quiz? 8640 is a theoretical number, but some places like Australia, New Zealand, Honolulu, Anchorage, Reykjavik, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Fiji etc are not reachable… unless you start there but it’s kind of dumb. 🙂

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    1. hmmm i just tried a couple times doing some NA/SA cities then entering Dublin and it worked fine – did you perhaps enter a non NA/SA city before Dublin by accident and didn’t see it on the map?

      1. The only thing I noticed is that Dublin, CA is not featured (or can’t be entered) and I couldn’t find a way to enter Athens, GA… as per your instrucions it should be Athensus. No big deal, they’re far from essencial and given the scope of this quiz it must be a pain to get all names right.

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  2. I was trying to type in Fredericton, New brusnwick to continue my north america string, and accidentally typed Frederick, starting a circle in Mauritius. Obviously I messed up, but if there is some way to add a feature allowing you to undo a turn only if its your first circle, could you implement that?

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