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World 50K+ Longitude Coverage Challenge


First chose a difficulty by typing ‘beg’, ‘int’, ‘adv, or ‘exp’ – Beginner is 5 degrees longitude, Intermediate 2.5 degrees, Advanced 1 degrees, and Expert 0.5 degrees. Then, enter 50K+ population cities and all 50K+ population cities within that longitude will automatically fill in.

HOWEVER – for this quiz you can enter any 50K+ city for your first choice, but successive cities must be already within a blue band for you to answer them, so you must ‘expand’ the blue area in the east and west directions, you can’t start a new blue band with a gap away from a currently blue shaded area.

NOTE: You do get an ‘freebie’ pick to start working in North/South America as it cannot be crossed into from the rest of the world, so think of it as two expanding bands of blue, one in Africa/Eurasia/etc and one in North/South America.

hugequiz Premium members will see the 25 largest missed cities at the end of the quiz as large, purple markers – you can mouseover them to see city details for each.

Enter level to begin ('beg', 'int', 'adv', or 'exp').
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6 months ago

I cannot figure out a way to fill in New Zealand, Honiara, Noumea, Suva, P-K, Anchorage and Honolulu. What am I missing? Used Gold Coast as most eastern city didn’t get me far enough for the rest…

6 months ago
Reply to  darin

This is a pity, I just had to complete that area as well…

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