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World Bordering Countries Travel Challenge


Begin in any country that has a land border with another country by clicking on it. Travel to successive countries by clicking on a country bordering the current country you are in, but without going back to a previously clicked country. Borders are land borders only, including causeways but not including only man-made structures. Borders include dependent territory borders. Attempt to travel to the most countries before you can no longer proceed as there are no further new countries to click on which border the country you are in.

Please note – Western Sahara is not considered part of any country in this quiz, even though it will highlight with Morocco.

Click a country to begin.
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5 months ago

Doesn’t work ffor me or rules are not clear. After visiting ~100 countries I was unable to move further but my score was not saved, even after clicking End Quiz button : (

5 months ago

I got messed up with Western Sahara. I guess it’s technically not a country. But it was portrayed as one on the map.

5 months ago

Fun! Clicking Morocco highlights Western Sahara, but Mauritania isn’t clickable even though it borders Western Sahara.

5 months ago
Reply to  darin

Seems a tad unfair that it’s neither considered part of Morocco nor a separate country, leading one to get trapped in Morocco if one doesn’t know this.

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