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  1. I must admit that, even as a perennial quiz taker on Sporcle, I have never heard of Palau’s capital (just googled it). I suppose most quizzes just accept Melekeok?
    Anyway, it didn’t show up in the “25 Missed”, instead it showed me “Djibouti” for whatever reason.

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    1. If you look at a map or do a Google Image search for the said capital you’ll notice that it’s not a proper city/town/whatever it’s basically just the ridiculously large and out of place capitol building of Palau. For a country with 17k inhabitants…

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    1. oops – i assume you mean in the ’25 Hardest’ or ’25 Missed’ – this has been fixed to name the capitals missed not countries…also Melekeok is not the capital of Palau if you were guessing that, that is the state where the capital is located.

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