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World City Grid Challenge – Advanced


Choose a number of cities by typing ‘3’, ‘5’, or ’10’. Then, enter the largest number of 50K+ world cities you chose in each 10-degree grid square. Only green squares contain answers. When you have 2 left to go in a square it will fill in faintly yellow, 1 left it will be orangish, and all done it turns red. A time bonus is given for completing a square (it is greater for higher levels).

For example, if you choose ‘3’ for your number of cities to start the quiz, only the 3 largest cities in each grid square will be accepted as answers.

hugequiz Premium members will see the top 25 missed cities at the end of the quiz as purple markers – you can mouseover them to see city details for each.

Enter '3', '5', or '10' to begin.
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10 months ago

There is no way 188 on hardest version isn’t cheating. This is absolutely crazy

6 months ago
Reply to  zayrod

There are like 6 people on the world largest cities quiz with 100% on the hardest difficulty. Meaning they answered 9500 cities, all above 50k population. I don’t think this is cheating. Some people are just built differently.

10 months ago

you need to increase the timer on this by a lot, this is basically impossible

11 months ago

insanely hard

1 year ago


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