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World 50K+ City Grid Challenge


Choose a number of cities by typing ‘3’, ‘5’, or ’10’. Then, enter the largest number of 50K+ population cities you chose in each 15-degree grid square. Only green squares contain answers. When you have 2 left to go in a square it will fill in faintly yellow, 1 left it will be orangish, and all done it turns red. A time bonus is given for completing a square (it is greater for higher levels).

hugequiz Premium members will see the top 25 missed cities at the end of the quiz as purple markers – you can mouseover them to see city details for each.

Enter '3', '5', or '10' to begin.
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6 months ago

The extreme timelimit takes the fun completle out of it for me, i need to guess and try a lot and after i am barly finished with one continent my time is over. As much as i like your side and aprechiate the work you put in it, but the timelimits are too severe in many of your quizzes making them less fun.

4 months ago
Reply to  darin

really enjoyed this one, thank you

7 months ago

I don’t want to spoil, so I’ll be vague. What’s with these quizzes recognizing a certain portion of a major South African city as its own city?

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