World City Grid


First chose a difficulty by typing ‘beg’, ‘int’, ‘adv, or ‘exp’ – Beginner is 15 degrees, Intermediate 10 degrees, Advanced 5 degrees, and Expert 2.5 degrees. Then, enter the largest city (min 50K population) in each grid square of the size based on your difficulty. Green squares contain answers. Adv and Exp levels may take a few moments to load.

Enter level to begin ('beg', 'int', 'adv', or 'exp').


  1. Can’t for the life of me figure out the city in the box south of Kolkata on advanced difficulty. On other difficulties, it’s Puri. Only other thing I can think of is Berhampur, which I’ve tried six different spellings for and still can’t get, but considering the population is 150k-250k, I don’t think it can be that. Either I’m completely missing something or there’s something wrong.

  2. Hi Darin,

    This one isn’t saving my best score. It’s also doing the thing where every country shows up under “countries remaining”. Like the new format though, It seems to be faster on my laptop, even aside from the tablet issue.

        1. i just tested and it worked fine – refresh the page and make sure you hold the CTRL key when you do, you may otherwise be loading a cached version of the quiz with the issue.

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