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World Closest Capital Challenge


First type ‘start’ to begin. Then you will be given a world capital city. Try to name the closest other world capital (administrative capitals only) to the given capital. Only the 5 closest capitals will be accepted as an answer. You can type ‘next’ to skip the current capital. Getting the closest capital will yield 100 points. 2nd thru 5th closest will give a lower point total, based both on the rank of the capital (2nd thru 5th, minus 10 points for each ranking below first) and how much farther the guessed capital is away than the closest capital. 10 total capitals and 3 minutes total time, 20 seconds maximum per capital.

Type 'start' to begin.
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11 months ago

Skopje pretty sketchy. From memory I would guess it’s Sofia or Tirana, but Podgorica is also very close. But none of those seem to be the most correct answer, is there a mistake?

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