World Closest Non-Bordering Countries


Name the 50 pairs of non-bordering (water borders excluded) countries which have the shortest distance between them (based on closest distance from one country’s land to the other’s). Use country names (some abbreviations accepted) in either order to answer, i.e. ‘ChinaUS’ or ‘USChina’. Countries with a land bridge/causeway between them such as Singapore-Malaysia are counted as bordering so will not appear in this quiz. Dependent territories are included as part of the country of which they are part of, name the country not dependent territory.

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    1. I don’t believe it’s built on land embankments like Bahrain Saudi and Malaysia Singapore. most quiz sites do not include Sweden Denmark among bordering countries

      1. I don’t know about that land embankment stuff, but Malaysia Singapore are absolutely not bordering countries just like Sweden and Denmark. Though the opposite is mostly considered with Bahrain and RSA, even though Google Maps say otherwise.

  1. There’s some asymmetries such as “UK Antigua” working but “Antigua UK” not working. Similarly “St Kitts Antigua” doesn’t work while the reverse does. There’s probably more

    Also agreed, if bridges don’t count then Denmark/Sweden shouldn’t be here, the Oresund bridge is quite similar to the King Fahd Causeway (which disqualifies Saudi Arabia/Bahrain), it has an artificial island in the middle and all.

    1. yeah will try to get a few more of those added. My site and other quiz sites generally count Singapore-Malaysia and Bahrain-Saudi (and don’t count Sweden-Denmark) as land borders as they are built on land embankments. So I will leave as-is for those.

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