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World Countries Area Sorting Challenge


You begin with two countries shown in the grid. Upon starting, your job is to sort the countries in order from largest to smallest by total area. The order is represented by the ‘1st’ thru ’16th’ in each box. You can click on a country to move it to a higher position in the list – simply click once and it will turn red, then clicked another higher-ranked country to position the first country before it. Click submit to check your answers…if they are in order you will get a new country added to the end which needs to be positioned correctly, and so on until you either get one wrong or complete all 15 levels.

Area includes dependent territories.

hugequiz Premium members will see country areas when the quiz is over.

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4 months ago
Reply to  darin

really enjoyed this one! I would love to see more of this kind

4 months ago
Reply to  darin

Good fun, enjoyed it!

4 months ago
Reply to  darin

Flippin’ hard but a lot of fun!

4 months ago
Reply to  darin

Excellent game! I know, it‘s going to be easier on a “per continent” basis but I would appreciate that as an intermediate level to this one.

4 months ago
Reply to  darin

Excellent idea! Love the variation

2 months ago

Man, this one is so much fun! What a great way to get a feel of the different areas and relative sizes.
A few suggestions:
– Is it possible that the “Submit” and “End quiz” buttons could be further apart? I have accidentally clicked the “End quiz” button multiple times because they are so close to each other.
– Maybe some kind of “you won” screen would be nice if you get to the end and place the last one correctly. Right now it just says “Game over” no matter what so you can’t immediately see whether you succeeded with your last placement.

4 months ago

I love this quiz, but I am a little frustrated by overseas territories being included in the area of a country, even though they are now shown in the countries shape. Like UK is clearly smaller than Italy and bigger than Benin, yet the game stopped for me. I assume its because of UK territories in… Antarctica? If so, maybe the picture should include it? Idk.

4 months ago

3rd person to get a perfect score!

4 months ago

I love this so much!!
Don’t slip up on Denmark, it counts Greenland into it’s area!

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