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World Countries In Order Along Coastlines


Enter ‘France’ to begin – in this quiz you are naming countries visited (including dependent territories – but you are naming the country) as you travel around the coastlines of Eurasia/Africa and then North/South America. You begin on the French Atlantic coast near Brest and move north (clockwise). Name the successive countries visited as you travel along the coast, crossing directly over any rivers/estuaries and ignoring bridges and also major canals such as the Suez and Panama. Once you make it back to the west coast of France, you will be ‘transported’ to New York, NY (so enter ‘US’ as it will tell you to do). Continue your journey moving south along the US east coast (so clockwise like before) until you return back and end the quiz.

Note – you are not ignoring any enclaves/exclaves along your journey, so the countries corresponding to those must be named.

You only start with 2 minutes for Premium members or 1 minute for non-Premium, but get 5 seconds added for every correct guess.

Enter 'France' to begin.
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20 days ago

not easy but interesting concept !

2 months ago

yo russia and canada caught me off guard

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