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First enter any country to choose it from the drop-down list. Then, name the administrative divisions shown for that country. I tried to use first-level administrative divisions but in some cases they are 2nd level. The divisions sometimes are official and sometimes just census-based areas – some small countries may not have administrative divisions and you may be naming island/atolls/etc. Divisions are ordered by highest population first. Some alternate names are accepted but for many you must know the full division name. Overseas territories are usually not included for countries unless they are parts of that country’s administrative divisions.

For a handful of countries (more to come) I have multiple options, so for France you will see ‘France 1st’ and ‘France 2nd’ – this corresponds to 1st and 2nd level administrative divisions options.

2nd-level divisions may take a few moments to load (especially US counties).

Enter country name to choose from drop-down list.
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  1. A remark to Germany. The 1st level (Bundesländer, i.e federal states and city states) are totally fine, but the second level is technically one level too deep: You expect to name the (rural) districts/cities ((Land-)Kreise/Städte) but in between the Bundesländer and Kreise are actually the Governmental Districts (Regierungsbezirke) (and city states).

    Moreover, there is bug regarding the dropdown list: If you use the arrow keys, it automatically starts the quiz after up or down has been one time pressed although ‘Enter’ has not been pressed yet.

    But anyways, really appreciate the effort you put in, in particular for rather unknown countries, and it’s a fun quiz tho!

    1. yeah, but aren’t those only in 4 of the states? I think the counties are much more referred to as a 2nd-level division as they are country-wide. And yeah – use the mouse to select from the drop-down list, the arrows will autoselect for some reason.

  2. there are over 10K total administrative divisions in this quiz – so if any alternate names need to be accepted comment and i will add them and delete the comment. Yes will have a quiz with all of these before long and may add multiple administrative division options for some countries to this quiz as well.

    Also unfortunately a map based quiz of this isn’t possible there aren’t sources that keep the boundaries current as divisions change all the time.

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