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World Countries Blackout Challenge


The object of this game is to fill in the grid (see NAMING NOTE below) with the most qualified country for each cell. When you begin you’ll be given a grid with column titles and a category for each row in the cells. You are to name a country which fits the column category but also has the ‘most’ of the row category. For example, if the column has ‘Star On Flag’ and the row is ‘Easternmost Capital’ you are trying to name the country whose capital is farthest east and has a star on its flag. For a column with ’50 Coldest’ and ‘Smallest Population’ you are trying to name the country with the smallest population that is among the 50 coldest. Populations and areas included dependent territories.

Upon naming a country, it will be placed HIGHEST scoring position in the for which that country qualifies (not necessarily the grid square you might be trying to get). You can then rename the same country and if it qualifies for another square the next highest score for it will fill in.

Scores are based on relative values of the answers – so answering the US for a largest population square that China also qualifies doesn’t make US be close to 100, but less than 25 as China’s population is over 4 times larger. The only time when this isn’t true is when you are choosing the smallest value of something instead of largest, in which case it’s based on ranking.

NAMING NOTE: To answer a country simply type it in with a ‘.’ (period) at the end, for example ‘us.’ or ‘china.’ – some country abbreviations are accepted.

Try to accumulate the highest point total you can (max 100 for each square) before time runs out.

hugequiz Premium members will see the highest-ranking country for each unanswered square when the quiz is over.

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