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World Country Drawing Challenge – 10 Countries No Map


You will be given 10 countries to draw the outlines of. You do not get to see the map to help you with this version of the quiz.

When the quiz loads on the right side you will be told which country to draw. To begin drawing a country, click Draw or right-click anywhere in the map to enter drawing mode. Click and drag the mouse to make an outline of the country. Release the mouse to ‘close’ the country and it will appear green. If happy and ready to submit, click Submit or double-click the drawn country. Click Erase or right-click it to erase it and start over. After completing a country you will need to click NEXT COUNTRY above the map to go on to the next one. Your score may take a few moments to calculate for larger countries.

You will see a white horizontal line when you begin drawing a country. You can zoom in/out and pan to prepare before you start drawing. The line corresponds to the most northern point of the portion of the country you are drawing, so you can line up the drawing’s most northern point with that line. The line is also the exact width of the portion of the country you are drawing from it’s farthest west point to farthest east. Use this line as a guide to draw the country as that is where the country will line up when you submit your drawing for accuracy.

You are only drawing the main portion of each country – do not worry about any disjointed islands, etc.

When you submit a country you are scored on the % of your country which contains the actual country (shown as ‘% In Country’) and the % of the actual country contained in your country (shown as ‘% Of Country’). These average out to create your points for that country.

Complete 10 countries or click End Quiz at any time to save your score. You will then see a satellite view of the World with your countries in place.

hugequiz Premium members will see the actual outlines of the countries when the quiz is over.

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1 month ago

love this quiz!

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