World Google Street View Country Streak Challenge (Premium Only)

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  1. i’ve decided after playing this a couple times to up the time to 2 minutes per location to match the US version of this quiz. i found it does go very fast especially when moving around trying to find hints.

  2. this is definitely a game that requires practice – as you get more used to the set of countries that appear (and the ones google doesn’t have street view coverage for), you will notice them faster and faster.

  3. Hi Darin, great idea, but I think some of these are pretty near impossible in 60 seconds.
    In terms of bugs, I don’t know that any of these are worth fixing, but I’ve noticed that sometimes entering the wrong answer stops the game, other times it does nothing and I can try again.
    The way that the clock resets but the image doesn’t go away after 60 seconds is a bit annoying — I’ll be so proud to have found the clue I need and then see that the clock ran out and the answer’s been sitting there.
    The restart feature is diabolic, in a brilliant way. Part of me would love to see it work for more games, and part of me says that it’s better for my productivity if I can’t just type “start” to play another round.

    1. per the directions, entering a country that Google doesn’t even have street view for will not end the quiz, it only ends if you try an acceptable answer and are wrong. I’ve tried this quiz a number of times and it has worked out for me. once you play it a bit you kinda learn features of countries and how to guess them directly, such as looking for flags, where the sun is, what side of the road driving is on, and sign languages.

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