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World Largest 50K+ City By First Letter – Choose Country


First enter a country and choose it from the drop-down list (any world country with a 50K+ population city is included). Then name the largest city with at least 50K population starting with each letter in that country (including dependent territories).

Enter country name to choose country.
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7 months ago

What is the source for answers for Tanzania? I would imagine Iringa would be bigger then Ifakara for example.

8 months ago

Um, I selected Germany and someone has a score of 29 (more than the number of letters available, but obviously also more than the number of letters in the alphabet)?

8 months ago

Bosnia & Herzegovina isn’t working for me. Selecting it in the drop-down menu just does nothing, and I have to refresh to choose another country.

1 year ago

Here’s an idea for a similar quiz. You’ve created one with the largest US cities for each census – how about the largest US cities for each letter of the alphabet for each census? Might be too labor intensive, but thought I’d throw it out there

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