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World Largest Cities By Country – Choose Number


First choose the number of cities by typing ‘1’, ‘3’, ‘5’, ‘010’ (so as not to choose 1), or ’25’ – then type in the largest N cities per country where N was the number you chose. I have the largest city for every country regardless of population. For the rest of the cities I had a minimum pop of 10K for every continent (incl Oceania) except Asia & Africa which have a 50K minimum population.

Enter '1', '3', '5', '010', or '25' to begin.
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8 months ago

Kuwait has a city with a population of 281,665 in this map. No source in the entire internet claims ther is something like this.
The city with the largest population for Kuwait should be either Kuwait city (well Johannesburg was counted, so why not Kuwait City?) or it should be Al Ahmadi (around 600k population).
None of the largest cities in Kuwait fill this city up

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