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Name the countries, territories, and other political features. Notes: two Pacific island groups are labeled according to their collective name (be it a country, territory, etc) and also have labels for separate island groups within them. Countries are the 197 sovereign states. Dep Terr are dependent territories. Adm Divisions are integral parts of countries, be they administrative divisions or Sections of a Sovereign State. De Facto State refers to a non-UN member state recognized as independent to some degree not included in the countries list. Other refers to a handful of special designations. Some of the entities may be disputed. I tried to make the typing easy by shortening the names unless a longer name is needed to accurately name the entity. IF AN ANTARCTIC CLAIM IS NOT NAMED TYPE (Country Name) followed by “Antarctica” to name the answer. If it has a name (other than so-and-so Antarctic Territory) you must type the name of the claimed Antarctic region. Antarctic claims are all below 60 deg South and DO NOT count toward any other category except Uninhabited. Uninhabited refers to entities which have no permanent settlement not including a base of revolving inhabitants (i.e. there needs to be a permanent year-round population of the same people). UN Non Self Gov refers to territories on the UN’s Non Self-Governing Territories List.

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