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First choose a US city by typing it in the format ‘City, State’ – i.e. ‘San Francisco, CA’ (use ‘St’ for ‘Saint’ and no punctuation other than the comma separating city and state) – then name the neighborhoods in that city mostly based on neighborhood divisions – if I find a better file other than Zillow’s I will replace a city with that one. There are 147 cities (mostly large to medium-sized) with multiple neighborhoods for which Zillow had available shapefiles, so if you try a city and it doesn’t work it isn’t one that is available. Neighborhoods will switch from blue to red shading as they are guessed. Quiz may take a few moments to load as there is a lot of data (over 40MB).

Enter 'City, State' to begin - i.e. 'Houston, TX'.


  1. Baltimore: Would it be possible to use the files available from maryland dot gov as a source? (Not linking to avoid tripping spam flags but it should be easy to find.) The actual neighborhood list is far, far bigger than the one currently in the quiz.

  2. As a San Francisco resident, some of the SF neighborhood names included in this quiz are not the names by which anyone refers to these neighborhoods. There’s really no neighborhood called “Downtown”. That area is the “Civic Center”. Also, you should accept “Castro” for “Castro – Upper Market”. I’ve never heard of “West of Twin Peaks” before. That area is West Portal or perhaps St Francis Wood. The 0%’s next to “West of Twin Peaks” and “Castro-Upper Market” are indicative of the fact that nobody refers to the neighborhoods in those ways. Zillow isn’t the best reference.

  3. Houston:

    Sugar Land should be two words (and is not part of Houston)

    A bit mean to require “greater” for the two that include “greater” although I figured that out

    Pasadena is misspelt (and is not part of Houston), and the area that shows up for appears to include Clear Lake (which is part of Houston)

    Far Northeast appears to be a Zillow-created designation; I’d recommend accepting Kingwood since it’s basically Kingwood and Bush Intercontinental that shows up

    Not sure what to recommend for Southeast, since Zillow just groups half a dozen different neighbors under that banner.

    1. i’m updating Houston’s neighborhoods right now – found a better source with many more neighborhoods than Zillow and will update the quiz to that source’s data should it be a noticeable improvement.

  4. an fyi – this quiz loads a large data file of coordinates so for some users you may have to wait a few moments for it to load or there may be issues with it working on slower machines. also i did not go through all 6000+ neighborhood names to determine alternates that should be accepted, let me know of any.

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