Africa Largest Cities

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  1. I almost got it, but South Africa is killing me. Other than about 9-10 cities in South Africa, I can’t get the spelling right for these 2:
    Abu an-Numrus in Egypt; and
    Souk Sebt Oulad Nemma in Morocco.

    Any help?

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    1. i believe for some african countries i used actual census data, as citypopulation doesn’t have good africa data…the main part of the municipality which is considered the city of Giyani has a population of just under 100k.

    1. Yes, while the pins in Google Maps not only were vertical but you could see the whole pin, these ones are slightly tilted to the left and since we can only see the bright pinhead it looks like the cities have moved a bit northwest. At least, and without being able to zoom it, that’s what is seems to me.

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  2. Yes, the pins are slightly moved northwest as Dakar falls into the ocean and Mwanza is placed right in the middle of lake Victoria. Might be the way mapquest places the pins. Given that indeed some border cities change countries I would suggest for the name of the country to be included in the label but these labels are a bit big when compared to the old Google maps ones. Anyway, a very good and long overdue quiz.

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