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Canada Province/Territory Drawing Challenge


You’ll be freehand drawing the provinces/territories of Canada. When the quiz loads on the right side you will be told which prov/terr to draw. To begin drawing a prov/terr, click Draw or right-click anywhere in the map to enter drawing mode. Click and drag the mouse to make an outline of the prov/terr. Release the mouse to ‘close’ the prov/terr and it will appear green. If happy and ready to submit, click submit or double-click the drawn prov/terr. Click erase or right-click the prov/terr to erase it and try again. You may have to wait a few moments for your score to calculate on larger prov/terr.

You are only drawing the main portion of each prov/terr – do not worry about any disjointed islands, etc. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are not included as they are simply islands to trace.

When you submit a prov/terr you are scored on the % of your prov/terr which contains the actual prov/terr (shown as ‘% In Prov/Terr’) and the % of the actual prov/terr contained in your prov/terr (shown as ‘% Of Prov/Terr’). These average out to create your points for that prov/terr.

Complete all prov/terr or click End Quiz at any time to save your score.

hugequiz Premium members will see the actual outlines of the prov/terr when the quiz is over.

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