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Closest 25 Countries To Each Capital – Choose Capital


First type in any world capital city (using administrative capitals for countries with multiple capitals), then choose it from the list box. Then, name the 25 countries which are located closest to that capital city (not including the country of that capital). Closest refers to land distance between the center of the capital and the closest point on land to the other country. Dependent territories are included (answer the country they are part of, not the territory’s name), and disputed regions are not. Distances to 25 closest countries in km shown.

Enter capital to choose capital city (i.e. 'Canberra')...
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1 month ago

I tried the quiz with Berlin and only missed Romania. Then I took the quiz with Beirut and missed Romania again hahhaha

1 year ago

Hard to find the English names of these countries in my brain lol

1 year ago

Too bad that Cape Town isn’t the more preferred of all 3 capitals of South Africa. This way, one of the closest countries to it would be Norway (Bouvet Island). That would have been so cool!

1 year ago
Reply to  ofas

No way, I tried it with Maseru and it fits. So cool.

1 year ago
Reply to  ofas

yeah works with Montevideo too, maybe other SA capitals too, I am stupid

1 year ago

Question: Do the stats for Washington and Ottawa take St. Pierre and Miquelon into account?

1 year ago
Reply to  darin

I know but that’s impressive for people my age I know all countries and I’m only 9 yrs old but I’m fine being called a nerd

1 year ago
Reply to  That1AussieGuy

Same i’m 10

11 months ago
Reply to  That1AussieGuy

Even though im 14 i think the same but ive known all countruies since like 10

3 months ago
Reply to  DARMEK

Y’all play stack the countries? That’s what taught me all of them.

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