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English, Scottish & British Monarchs


Name the English, Scottish & British monarchs. No need for Roman numerals after names.

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10 months ago

Good quiz, very good quiz, but I think the England section could use some slight improvements (Scotland I know less well but seems spot on from what I do).

1) I can think of at least one more name that should probably be included given what disputed names are already present.

2) The starting point for England is a bit odd. I’m (very) glad you didn’t start at 1066, but the usual starting points are the 871 monarch or the 924/927 monarch. Very occasionally earlier to 802 (Britannica for some reason does this) but really this is a huge stretch, more useful to give context for the 871 monarch than for any claim to England as a whole.

I can sort of see the logic for 757, held dominion (though never tried to formally unify) and very historically important. But not the first to do so (Penda seems an obvious earlier king who did this), not of the kingdom that eventually did form England and not of the direct line of kings that did (though there’s a marital link). Imo he should probably be dropped, as he’s a bit of an arbitrary inclusion right at the start.

1 year ago

Could you please add something to let us know which Royals were Queens?

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