Europe 100 Km Coverage Challenge


Choose any 10K+ European city, then continue naming 10K+ cities which are within 100km of any previously named city. Naming notes: many places have similar names. For example, “Brest” is not unique. To choose Brest, France, simply type “brestfr”, using the first two letters of the country name, or ‘uk’ for the UK (same as for Ukraine). Also, some answers require typing in other answers you may not want to guess. In this case, if you want to answer “Hamburg”, simply type it..”Ham, Belgium” will not be chosen. If you want simply “Ham” type ‘ham.’ with the period at the end. LASTLY, in a couple cases there are multiple places of the same name in a single country. Newcastle, UK is an example. To choose the largest Newcastle (typically the one you want), type ‘newcastleuk1’ – the rest are ‘newcastleuk2’ and so on (need the country too for any cases of multiple cities in one country, even if no other country has cities of that name). So basically, if the city isn’t coming up after you type the name, try adding a “.” after, or the country first two letters, or in some cases the country letters plus a number.

Enter a city to begin.


  1. Similar to other quizzes, I have to type the first city twice in order for it to register. First time starts the quiz, second time adds the circle to the map and registers all the cities in the stats.

    Also, typing Cologne and then Bonn ends the quiz, even though the latter city is well within the 100km radius of the former.

      1. Either it’s not working for me, or we’re not talking about the same thing. For example Paris is still covered by 10-100k cities. What I mean is that Paris’ marker should be completely visible, because it’s the largest city in its neighbourhood. And the same hierarchy for rest of the cities.

  2. Darinh,

    You said you’d have a look at this quiz last month but haven’t gotten around to it. I’d appreciate it if you could have a look. It’s one of my favorite games but I can’t progress on it (and no one will be able to surpass my score) if the 6,000 city limit isn’t fixed. This game has really improved my ability to assign cities to a specific location rather than a vague area like ‘London metro’ or ‘heel of Italy.’

    Summary of issues:

    1. Game locks up at 6,000 cities.
    2. FreiburgGE1 location verification works fine but produces a circle centered on FreiburgGE2 (FreiburgGE1 = Freiburg im Breisgau, FreiburgGE2 = Freiburg am Neckar).
    3. FreiburgGE2 does not work.
    4. Vilanova triggers Vilanova i la Geltru before the larger Vila Nova de Gaia.
    5. Castrop triggers Castro, Spain before Castrop, Germany.

    1. ill fix these tonight…forgot about this. can’t promise the 6000 thing is fixable, there is nothing that should be causing that…You may need to try a different browser or something for this quiz..

    1. Regarding Freiburg I believe the problem is this: When checking to make sure the city is within existing circles it looks for the big Freiburg, Freiburg im Breisgau, near Switzerland. When placing it on the map it uses the coordinates for Freiburg am Neckar, near Stuttgart. Both are in Baden-Württemburg. FreiburgGE2 does not work, only FreiburgGE1.

  3. The game dies once you hit 6,000. This has happened twice to me at 6001 and 6008. Last time it killed my game immediately and saved the score, but this time flash locked up and once it was back it wouldn’t accept answers or even “alldone.”

  4. This is a fantastic quiz! Fiendishly tough though. Would love if this had a variable difficulty level like the other “circle” quizzes (e.g., 100km, 250km, 500km, 1000km).

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