Europe 100 Km Coverage Challenge


Choose any 10K+ European city, then continue naming 10K+ cities which are within 100km of any previously named city. Naming notes: many places have similar names. For example, “Brest” is not unique. To choose Brest, France, simply type “brestfr”, using the first two letters of the country name, or ‘uk’ for the UK (same as for Ukraine). Also, some answers require typing in other answers you may not want to guess. In this case, if you want to answer “Hamburg”, simply type it..”Ham, Belgium” will not be chosen. If you want simply “Ham” type ‘ham.’ with the period at the end. LASTLY, in a couple cases there are multiple places of the same name in a single country. Newcastle, UK is an example. To choose the largest Newcastle (typically the one you want), type ‘newcastleuk1’ – the rest are ‘newcastleuk2’ and so on (need the country too for any cases of multiple cities in one country, even if no other country has cities of that name). So basically, if the city isn’t coming up after you type the name, try adding a “.” after, or the country first two letters, or in some cases the country letters plus a number.

Enter a city to begin.


    1. You can pick any starting position. Then you are only allowed to guess cities within 100km radius. Once you enter a city that is out of that radius, the game is over and your points are recorded – not freezed.
      If you start at A and enter B (that is within a distance of 100km from A), you can also enter C, which is within 100km of either A or B. And so on.

      1. A 2nd city doesn’t work. And after the explanations seams like “try and error”: with “.” or without, with “fr” or without, or maybe “uk1”, “uk2” etc…? And “uk” stands for United Kinddom and Ukraine is the same… Now I have to guess: Switzerland is “ch” or “sw”? And Sweden is the same? Try and error. Have fun!

  1. Once it gave me a game over when I wrote ‘s Hertogenbosch. It was well within range. Same thing happened when I wrote King’s Lynn, again well within range. Either the game has some bugs, or I don’t understand the rules properly.

    1. i just tried those and they worked – you need to name cities within a blue shaded location already, so if you name a city that isn’t already covered in a blue circle the game will end. so you are kind of making a ‘path’ of blue circles across the continent.

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