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Name the capitals (or if no capital/administrative center exists, then largest city) of the administrative divisions of each European country. A handful may just have the country itself or a regional division if it doesn’t have administrative divisions. Russia & Turkey are divisions with capitals in Europe only, however a handful of divisions for a couple countries are outside of Europe geographically so you may have to zoom out. A couple dependent territories are also included if they are an integral part of the country. Some cities may count twice when answered if they’re the capital of multiple divisions (such as a province’s capital and an autonomous city).

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    1. probably just cause France is considered a European-based country only, whereas Russia is considered both based in Europe and Asia, also would be a large proportion of locations outside Europe geographically.

  1. 1516 (there’s no way to reply to your message above), of course Moldova also has way too many divisions but I’m sure Darin couldn’t find a suitable easier partition of the country. For Swiss it was obvious that it should be the Cantons, what else could it be? Sure we don’t get to choose how many regions a country has… I was referring to quiz-context only as I’m sure there’s not a huge player demand to have 30 Latvia regions to guess. In reality they can have as much as they want… Hell, Monaco has 10 administrative divisions.

  2. Why do you have Balashikha for Moscow Oblast, but no city for Leningrad Oblast? Also some places seem to be in a different location, for example Selfoss and Keflavík in Iceland and Kumanovo in Macedonia. And I’m pretty sure Latvia has more regions and capitals (for example Ventspils is missing)

        1. Latvia has about 100 municipalities – i didn’t want to have a ton of regions for a particular country so i used statistical regions for Latvia (much like using countries for England).

            1. 30 divisions for a country the size of Latvia is way too much. The current 6 seems about right. There’s also problem with the loading time for this quiz… if you add more border files the worse it will get.

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