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7/26/2017 – Hi again – I’m looking to hopefully by the end of August begin redoing the site with a fresh look and new features, hopefully to be done sometime before the end of September. This includes a new design, appearance, scorekeeping (hopefully with live leaderboards) and more. Keep an eye out! Also I will be removing the Flash quizzes and geography quizzes that aren’t using Google Maps by then (remaking some of them after the remodel) to make the site more clean and organized.
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Double-click on the location of each of the 100 largest Australian cities. The closer you click, the more points you get (max 100).

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Quiz Updated: 8-18-2015

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    Australia’s population is so unevenly distributed that all you have to do, with the exception of a handful of cities, is to click on the Eastern and Southeastern coasts.
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    My score saved itself halfway through the quiz.
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    Also, Forster-Tuncurry comes up near Adelaide when it is actually on the NSW coast. Emerald comes up near Melbourne when it is actually in Central QLD. Maryborough also comes up near Melbourne but is on the QLD coast, it’s possible that there are more than one of these places under those names. Places on the west coast such as Broome and Port Hedland have their markers quite a bit off. Broome is way out at sea. Places like Central Coast and Blue Mountains aren’t really cities, more rather regions. It’s quite difficult to pinpoint them.
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      i’ll fix those coordinates and look at those places that aren’t really cities…as for the saving halfway, don’t know the issue, i think a few others had it happen on the locator quizzes but i checked them out and they look correct.

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