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Name all Austria places trying to achieve the highest total population. Quiz is not timed.

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Quiz Updated: 5-6-2015

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      ha…if you mean Fu… it isn’t an actual city/town/commune that has its population tracked for the census, so i guess it would be analogous to a township or something for the US census which i don’t include on those quizzes…i know, stinks.
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        Yeah, stinks, but that’s how it is. If ever you come across a good list of the most ridiculous geographical/proper names though, make sure to throw together a little quiz (with the ’50 missed’ option, so we all can have a good laugh). I remember reading about “Penis Highschool” somewhere, but don’t know whether that one was a fake… ;)
        1. 0
          Like Pu$$y, France, Fu__ing and Fu__sberg, Austria, Blue Ball, Pennsylvania, United States and the Icelandic Penis Museum in Reykjavik?
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    Include Fu¬Ęk!ng as a bonus answer, please!

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