Oceania Largest Cities

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First choose the number of cities by typing ‘50’, ‘100’, or ‘all’ – then try to achieve the highest population among the top 10K+ population Oceania cities you chose. Quiz is not timed. Zoom level is limited as city labels would show up otherwise.

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Quiz Updated: 4-15-2015

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  1. 0
    Something’s wrong with this quiz… Out of the 8 red cities I can only find 7 on the map. And cleaning the first two categories I only get a Top Cities 5 when it should be 6.
    1. 0
      ok this should be good now – whew all these quizzes and little things i mess up! :) also see the note about scrolling allll the way to west to see the western hemisphere cities – a little Mapquest bug.
      1. 0
        Ah! Found the elusive city. Yes scroll waaaay westward. And I wouldn’t expect that city to be included in Oceania.
        1. -1
          it is geographically – obviously not politically.
  2. 0
    Yes, you’ve used the same principle for Madeira Islands and the Canary Islands as both are included in Africa. The fact that this is your first Oceania quiz may have caught us off-guard on the situation… that and the mapquest bug.
  3. 0
    Thank you for this. I’ve been holding out for an Aussie based quiz.
  4. 0
    All but one! Struggled to find the 15,000 population one in Papua New Guinea, some one put me out of my misery please…
  5. -1
    HAWAII IS NOT PART OF OCEANIA! Hawaiians are just as American as I am, and I live in Michigan! Hawaiians have just as many rights as you do, Darin! Hawaii is part of North America (politically… Geographically, Hawaii isn’t part of any continent, like Bermuda, the British Indian Ocean Territory [BIOT] and the Falkland Islands)

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