US 50 Largest Cities By State

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Name the 50 largest cities by state (NV & RI do not have 50 cities, so less for them) based on 2013 population estimates.

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Quiz Updated: 4-13-2015

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    updated this with 2013 pop estimates and added 50 hardest/missed feature.
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    There seems to be a small bug on the first scores for this one.
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    ok this quiz has been updated to the new format – kept the scores/stats intact…let me know of any issues.
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    The pause button is now much more responsive than it was before but it shouldn’t probably go black upon hovering it. Not quiz related but could you increase the comments font a point or two? Thanks.
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    There seems to be a new issue in scrolling through the states. I can’t use the arrow keys anymore, and every time I click on a state, it resets the state list to the beginning.
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      I’m working on a way to get the arrows working, i think i fixed the issue with it going back to the first state, let me know (doesn’t happen for me).

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