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7/26/2017 – Hi again – I’m looking to hopefully by the end of August begin redoing the site with a fresh look and new features, hopefully to be done sometime before the end of September. This includes a new design, appearance, scorekeeping (hopefully with live leaderboards) and more. Keep an eye out! Also I will be removing the Flash quizzes and geography quizzes that aren’t using Google Maps by then (remaking some of them after the remodel) to make the site more clean and organized.
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Name all US places trying to achieve the highest total population. Quiz is not timed. Quiz may take a few moments to load all the markers.

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Quiz Updated: 4-17-2015

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    the markers haven’t been loading for the past couple of days – is it just me?
    1. 0
      should be good now – was a bug where sometimes the quiz would be starting before the data was fully loaded.
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      They’re there… It may take a while on older systems or slower connectons (don’t know if that’s the case) given the sheer amount of markers. Load the quiz, go for a coffee or a stroll outside and be back in 10 minutes. Or just play the text version of the quiz… :)
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      yeah it should work now – try holding CTRL while refreshing the page to make sure you are loading the newest version. i’ve tried it many times and it has worked each time since i made a couple changes.
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    it was working fine until a couple of days ago – definitely didn’t take as long as 10 mins :) I also like the text version, but prefer this one
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    Damascus, Oregon disincorporated last year. Not sure if it’s intentional or not, but it’s treating cities with dashed names differently from cities without dashes. So, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA and Milton-Freewater, OR only need the first word to count, but multiword cities need the full name (Oregon City, etc.).

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