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First, choose a state and level by type the state abbreviation followed by the level, i.e. “MI2”. Level 1 typically has a 50 mile radius, level 2 is 25 miles, and level 3 is 10 miles – AK and some small states will have these radii adjusted by either doubling or halving. Naming places will have all other places within that radius fill in. Try to cover all places for your state in the time given – you get more time for more places and harder levels.

High Scores
Enter state and level to begin (i.e. ‘CA1’).

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Quiz Updated: 4-25-2015

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  1. 1
    I think there might be a bug of some sorts in the scoreboard for this quiz. CA1 for instance has some weird scorings in the 20-40 range… FL1 has a 0 score in the top 10 and some more weird formatting in the 20-40 and 41-60 ranges. Same with TX1. It seems to be a problem across all States really but more noticeable on those with more plays.
    1. 1
      was a small bug on all 4 of my recent geo quizzes – fixed now.
  2. 0
    just updated this – let me know of any issues.
    1. 0
      There is some strange stuff going on with the scoring. One of my scores listed my time as -4:-6.
      1. 0
        got this fixed. should save times correctly now.
  3. 0
    I just did MA1 and got points for cities not in MA?
  4. 0
    Something else to add to the fixit list, I played AR2 and it was taking stuff from all States, not sure whats up with that but I doubt there are 10k+ incorporated cities in AR.
    1. 0
      think it was just a one-off glitch…i tried AR2 just now and was working fine. try reloading quiz and doing AR2 again.
  5. 0
    Attempted SC1 and this quiz still has the same problem as noted by hcmadman. It was also still letting me input cities after the time ran out. Really don’t think my score of over 16k should count

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