US Primary Airports

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Name the US Primary (SEE DEFINITION IN NOTES) airports before time runs out.  Also SEE NOTES for naming requirements.  TIME BONUSES available for certain categories. LOWER CASE AND NO PUNCTUATION.

FavoriteLoadingFavorite this Quiz! NOTES: Includes US dependencies – remember to scroll into the Pacific (incl South Pacific), to Alaska and into the Caribbean – YOU WILL ALSO have to scroll all the way to the right to see the Guam markers (it is a known bug that the markers don’t always wrap correctly so they won’t be visible scrolling left). According to the FAA, a Primary Airport has more than 10,000 passenger boardings each year – data is from 2011 for this quiz (most recent available). FAA classifies Hubs as follows (they are color-coded): Large Hubs are 1%+ of annual boardings, Medium 0.25-1%, Small 0.05-0.25%, and Non-Hubs as less than 0.05% but a minimum of 10,000 boardings. Airports must be named according to the official must have the last name or full name (with initial if needed) for airports with people’s names in them. Words such as “International,” “Regional,” and “Municipal” are not required – “County” IS required for airports with a ‘county’ in them. The city name will suffice for something like “So-And-So International”, but if there is a name it must also be included – the last name is accepted as a replacement for the full name in cases where a full name is used. If you try a last name and it’s not working, chances are the city name is also in the name of the airport. Very few shortened names/abbreviations are accepted. IF THE AIRPORT is also called “So-And-So” Field, the name of the Field will be accepted too. EXAMPLE: If the airport’s name is “John C Hugequiz New York International” both “Hugequiz New York” and “John C Hugequiz New York” will work. Mousing over a marker will show the airport’s IATA code (which is almost, but not always, the FAA code) and the # of boardings for 2011.

Quiz creation date: 1-23-2013
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    I must me making a mistake? I can’t get St Louis Lambert International, St. Louis Lambert International, Saint Louis Lambert International, Lambert, Lambert International…… to work.

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