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Greatest Boxers Of All Time


Name the greatest boxers of all time according to ESPN’s top 50 from 2007, Ring magazine’s top 80 from 2002, and Bert Sugar’s top 100 from 2006. Year of birth shown.

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6 years ago

I think Bob Fitzsimmons name is misspelled

9 years ago

Joe Louis had come out of retirement to fight Rocky Marciano when he was 76 years old. Joe Louis was always lying about his age. He lied about his age all the time. One time Frank Sinatra came in here and sat in this chair. I said, ‘Frank, you hang out with Joe Louis, just between me and you, how old is Joe Louis?’ You know what Frank told me, he said “Hey, Joe Louis is 137 years old.” A hundred and thirty-seven years old!

Sure, Not
9 years ago
Reply to  CrowTRobot

I don’t know how old he was but he got his a** whopped! LOL

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